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Indicated To Beat (ITB)

The Indicated to Beat (ITB) model was created over 25 years ago. It is a disciplined quantitative process using objective factors to create a portfolio of 45-50 equity holdings that have better fundamentals than the overall U.S. Large cap equity market. The model has consistently over the years created a portfolio that has more positive earnings surprises than the broad market, with larger earnings beats than the broad market and higher earnings revisions than the broad market.

We use objective factors that rank the 1000 largest publicly traded US companies from best to worst, to identify companies that are fundamentally doing better than the market overall, but also better than the analysts who follow equities think they are doing.

Companies are ranked against each other (the thousand largest publicly traded companies) by decile (1 best - 10 worst). Companies that score the best in our proprietary process are added to the portfolio. Historically, a greater percentage of companies with these characteristics exceed estimates in the next reported quarter. Historically 95% of companies with these characteristics beat estimates.

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